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Discretion. Decorum. Details. The pillars that founded Frank E. Campbell in 1898 still hold true today. At the turn of the last century, most funerals were conducted in private homes, but as New York swiftly became a vibrant city of apartment dwellers, fewer and fewer families had room for large gatherings.

Recognizing a need, Frank E. Campbell created what was then known as “The Funeral Church.” He also saw an opportunity to relieve grieving families of many of the details and arrangements that funeral planning entails. In his staff, he instilled an understanding of the value of courteous service to all client families, regardless of social or financial standing, religion or ethnicity. This remains our guiding precept.

Throughout our history, we have had the great privilege of serving families from all walks of life as well as dignitaries, royalty and members of the arts and entertainment community.

There are times when nothing short of the best will do. This is one of them.