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Rely on us for impeccable, intuitive service when you need it most.

PLANNING FOR AN IMMEDIATE NEED begins with support and expertise. Allow us to handle all the details.

We’re dedicated to helping families through one of the most challenging times in life, the loss of a loved one. The professionals at Palm Eastern will help you create a truly personalized ceremony to celebrate a special life and cherished family traditions. No detail is too small, no wish is out of reach. We’re at your service every step of the way.

For immediate assistance, call 702-464-8500 or click below to meet with a Palm Eastern professional.

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EXCEPTIONAL EVENTS require a plan. Design a memorial that perfectly reflects who you are.

What best expresses your life and passions? From a string quartet to a champagne send-off, the possibilities for a memorial service are endless. And when you make your final arrangements in advance, you’ll spare your loved ones from having to second-guess what you have wanted.

Prearrange a memorial that inspires, comforts and leaves a lasting legacy. Our experts will see to it that your final tribute is flawlessly carried out, just as you envisioned.

Getting started is easy. Contact a premier planning professional today.

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